Sheep Harvest by Philip Stuttard

Sheep Harvest by Philip Stuttard
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TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO OWN THIS BRILLIANT ARTWORK BY PHILIP STUTTARD! Lighthearted and playful while still retaining the beauty and skill of fine art, Philip Stuttard's artwork is remarkable. "Sheep Harvest" is a limited edition giclee on Hahnemuhle paper, numbered and hand signed by Stuttard. Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Measures approx. 36" x 13.5" (with border), 32" x 9.5" (image). Listprice: $620.00

Born into an artistic family, Philip Stuttard spent his youth nurturing his passion for art. During his childhood, he relates, "I seemed to be constantly trying to hunt down scraps of paper to draw on; there never seemed to be enough available!" By the time he was 10 years old, Stuttard knew he wanted to be an artist. With talent and good fortune, he has been able to do so. Living in London in his early twenties, he spent a few years as a freelance cartoonist, often contributing to major publications such as The Daily Times and specializing in airbrush art. Stuttard airbrushed anything he could trash cans, motorcycles, computers, guitars, stage backdrops, and leather jackets. His friends asked him to decorate their belongings and he obliged, always happy to leave his artistic mark.

In 2001, Stuttard moved to Yorkshire, where his interest in painting landscapes and rural scenes grew. He paints these scenes and the people in them with a humorous tint and he hopes "that I manage to capture the dignity and pride of the mill, mine, and factory workers but I also would like to think that could they see my work, it would have made them smile."