The Day Is Done by Nel Whatmore

The Day Is Done by Nel Whatmore
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ADD THE INCREDIBLE ARTWORK OF NEL WHATMORE TO YOUR COLLECTION! Nel Whatmore's cinematic narrative scenes captivate and astound with dramatic lighting and emotive brushwork! "The Day Is Done" is a limited edition giclee on Hahnemuhle paper, numbered and hand signed by Nel Whatmore. Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Measures approx. 28" x 17" (with matting), 24" x 13" (image). Listprice: $400.00

Nel Whatmore has long been an established artist and continues to refine her style and artistic process. Despite raising children and caring for her family, Whatmore paints for five to six hours a day almost every day of the week. While her children are at school, she paints with oils or pastels in her small studio in Leeds, England. Her process is interesting, as she doesn't "get anywhere" with her paintings until the third or fourth hour in a row, and she often has many unfinished paintings around her small studio. She explains, "Usually I get to a point when I just have to look at a piece for months in order to work out what to do next."

Whatmore also takes digital photographs of her paintings each day so she can see how the work is evolving. With these digital photos and the digital graphics software on her computer, she is also able to solve problems of composition and color without destroying her paintings. This unusual artistic process combined with Whatmore's undeniable natural talent results in breath taking paintings that are collected across the United Kingdom and around the world.